Should I still be wearing sunscreen in the Fall?

During the summer time, most of us try to protect our skin by wearing sunscreen, especially while on vacation or at the beach or pool. However, our use of sunscreen sharply decreases once we’re back home and Fall weather has kicked in. The problem? We still need sunscreen even in colder weather! Yes the leaves are turning colors and we’re replacing our bathing suits for sweaters but the truth is, the sun is still there every day.

Sunscreen can help protect our skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays we are exposed to while being out in the sun. But did you know we are still exposed to those same rays even when the temperatures get cooler?

UVA rays are the cause of premature aging, wrinkling and sun damage. These rays are present year-round at the same intensity. That means that you are exposing yourself to the same damaging rays in the Fall as you are in the Summer.


While some skin types are slightly more protected than others, the harmful UVA/UVB rays can still affect everyone.

What about sunscreen use if I’m indoors?

Guess what? Those rays that cause wrinkling – they can go through glass! So if you spend 8 hours a day sitting at your desk next to your beautiful view, you’re also spending 8 hours a day exposing your skin the harmful UVA rays.


Working in skincare, I think this is the question I get asked the most. And my answer is always: The best sunscreen is the one that you’ll wear! We all have different skin and skincare concerns. And sunscreen is definitely not one size fits all. Some people prefer a sunscreen catered for oily skin, while some need a sunscreen for gentle skin. It doesn’t matter what the brand is, how much it cost or if you bought it at a department store or convenience store. The most important part is that it’s SPF 30 (or higher) and you incorporate it into your every day morning skincare routine. It won’t do your skin any good if you have a beautiful jar of sunscreen sitting on your counter. It needs to be on your skin doing it’s job!

So enjoy the crisper weather, all the pumpkin spiced lattes and football games the Fall brings us – but DON’T forget your sunscreen!