Allergies: Pervasive and Potentially Dangerous

Shadowing a doctor is a very interesting and engaging task full of information. As I observed Dr. Baksh, I noticed the attention to detail she has for the symptoms her patients present during the visit as well as their previous health history and daily activities. I learned that it is important to perform thorough labs and analysis in order to pinpoint the smaller yet very important factors that can affect our health such as cholesterol counts.

During the visits of patients presenting with allergy issues, special labs were addressed in order to find the triggers causing the allergies. These labs examined possible allergens on a micro level to a greater scale looking at things such as dust and the foods we consume in our diet.

After finding the problem allergens, suggestions were made to the patient on how they could manage or avoid them. During the consult, Dr. Baksh explained to a patient how a special prescription could be administered to give their body the antibodies it needs to fight off the allergens. I also learned that allergies may not present themselves in an obvious way at an early age but, instead, become a problem as an adult or at an older age in life when chronic upper airway inflammation may affect hearing or even balance! After shadowing today, I learned that the relationship between a doctor and their patient becomes very open and intimate. Knowing as much information as possible about the patient is needed for finding the best treatment.