An Attention To Detail

Cassandra Federman is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland who is considering going to med school. She is shadowing with Healthy Steps to gain an understanding of patient care from the internal medicine perspective.

Being in the research field since leaving college, I have never had any clinical experience besides that of being a patient. Shadowing today was my first real introduction to the other half of doctor-patient interactions. It was an interesting and enlightening experience, and the thing that struck me most was the incredible attention to detail. I had the opportunity to watch a physical performed, and things I wouldn't think to look at were noticed and inquired about. The examination was thorough, and all noticeable issues were seemingly addressed. Histories and laboratory results were combed over with the same attentiveness. This isn’t something one normally sees as a patient but was demonstrated as laboratory test results were discussed along with an explanation as to their meaning. Follow-ups were done in a manner that answered all of the patient’s questions, and instructions for the future were clear and concise. I look forward to returning, and gaining more insights into the nature of doctor-patient interactions as well as medicine in general.
Cassandra Federman Research Associate, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

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